Truck Tires

Check out our truck tires at Metro Tire Wholesale! We have truck tires for sale in a wide range of types and sizes, all available at discount prices. Our warehouse has the best deals on truck tires for highway, all-terrain, mud-terrain, and other light truck applications. We are a leading wholesale tire discounter when it comes to truck tires, and are committed to selling reliable discount tires.

Our tire lineup includes truck tires for all sorts of vehicles, including sport trucks, pickup trucks, crossovers, SUVs, and light commercial vans. Light truck tires, often LT-metric tires, are built for heavier-duty applications than your typical passenger car tire. We sell tough, long-lasting light truck tires that can carry your vehicle down the road for many miles to provide you with the best value in truck tires.

We offer great prices on highway-terrain truck tires that deliver true all-weather performance. These light truck tires generally have rib tread patterns that generate consistent levels of wet and dry traction at highway speeds. Designed with load transportation in mind, light truck tires often have reinforced sidewalls to prevent buckling under heavy cargo loads, and incorporate wear-resistant technologies to counteract high load pressures from light truck vehicles.

Our discount tire store also stocks a broad range of all-terrain truck tires for driving off the road. These rugged light truck tires are designed to provide traction not only on wet and dry roads, but also on loose, unpaved surfaces like dirt, mud, snow, or gravel that would impede ordinary street tires. For drivers with extreme off-road requirements, we stock aggressive mud-terrain truck tires that sacrifice on-road stability to provide maximum grip in the most demanding off-road environments.

At our warehouse, you can find great bargains on long-lasting light truck tires from trusted tire brands. Heavy-duty vehicles like your pickup truck or SUV needs a reliable heavy-duty tire to match, and our staff can assist you in getting just the light truck/truck tires that you need. Shop for high-quality truck tires at low prices, right here at Metro Tire Wholesale

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